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Coripe blouse nougat

Sizes: XSSML 320 USD

Coripe blouse black

Sizes: ML 320 USD

The Flip-Flop Flat black

Sizes: 3637383940 370 USD

Noma shirt navy stripe

Sizes: XSSML 320 USD

Ardenza skirt black

Coming soon 320 USD

The Flip-Flop Flat white

Sizes: 363738394041 370 USD

Melissa swimsuit dark brown

Sizes: XSSM 150 USD

Mashena bikini dark brown

90 USD100 USD per piece

Macau dress

Sizes: XSSM 360 USD

Capri shirt navy stripe

Sizes: XSSM 330 USD

Melissa swimsuit dawn

Sizes: XSSML 150 USD

Espera rib tank white

Sizes: XXSXSM 105 USD

Paliano dress black

Sizes: XSSML 330 USD

Espera rib tank black

Sizes: XXSXSSM 105 USD

Coripe dress nougat

Sizes: XSSM 460 USD

La Paz shorts

Sizes: XXSXSS 195 USD

Maida top white

Sizes: SML 200 USD

The Flip-Flop Heel nature

Sizes: 3637383940 400 USD

Anzi blouse black

Coming soon 330 USD

Maida top black

Sizes: XSSML 200 USD

Amelia skirt black

Sizes: XSSM 230 USD

Mashena bikini dawn

Coming soon 90 USD100 USD per piece

Fanano dress camel

Sizes: M 400 USD

Amelia skirt white

Sizes: M 230 USD

Coripe dress black

Sizes: XXSXSSM 460 USD

Loreo blazer blue melange

Sizes: XSSM 730 USD

Troia trousers blue melange

Sizes: XSSM 390 USD

Fanano dress black

Sizes: XSSML 400 USD

Vieste trousers camel

Sizes: SM 300 USD

The Flip-Flop Heel black

Sizes: 3637383940 400 USD

Lucca leather jacket

Sizes: S 1,200 USD

Vieste trousers black

Sizes: SM 300 USD

Novara leather trousers

Sizes: XSSM 950 USD

Avresa top off-white

Sizes: XSSM 350 USD

Avresa top grey

Sizes: XSSML 350 USD

Anzi blouse camel

Sizes: ML 330 USD

Loreo blazer brown melange

Sizes: XSSML 730 USD

Troia trousers brown melange

Sizes: XSSML 390 USD

Avresa top black

Sizes: XSML 350 USD

Toury top black

Sizes: XXSXSSM 300 USD

Toury top grey

Sizes: XSSML 300 USD

The Flip-Flop Heel blue

Sizes: 37383940 400 USD

Ardenza skirt camel

Coming soon 320 USD

Toury top off-white

Sizes: XSSML 300 USD

Vinci sweater

Sizes: L 750 USD

Rennes sweater creme

Sizes: L 650 USD

Bibione shirt white

Sizes: ML 300 USD

Cambridge knit grey melange

Sizes: XSSML 540 USD

Cambridge knit black

Sizes: XSSML 540 USD

Flair denim black rinse

270 USD

Bitti skirt washed blue

Sizes: XSSML 300 USD

Original denim ripped

320 USD

Novara trousers creme

Sizes: XSSML 270 USD

Calvello dress black

Sizes: SML 450 USD

Calvello dress creme

Sizes: SML 450 USD

Maratea dress black

Sizes: XSSML 620 USD

Pomerance blouse creme

Sizes: XSSML 350 USD

Pomerance blouse black

Sizes: XSSML 350 USD

Farnetta blouse black

Sizes: XSSML 390 USD

Noma shirt white

Sizes: XSSML 320 USD

Capri shirt white


Cork leggings

Sizes: XSSML 195 USD

Leon leggings black monogram


Leon leggings negative monogram

Sizes: XSSM 205 USD

Positano swimsuit black

Sizes: XSSML 170 USD

Positano swimsuit beige

Sizes: XSSML 170 USD

Original denim grey wash

240 USD

Positano swimsuit negative monogram

Sizes: XSSM 170 USD

Como scarf tobacco monogram

Sizes: One size 360 USD

San Vito scarf

Sizes: One size 240 USD

Samara scarf

Sizes: One size 300 USD

Straight denim mid blue wash

240 USD

Straight denim light blue wash

270 USD

Standard denim mid blue wash

250 USD

Original denim light blue wash

270 USD

Original denim washed blue

240 USD

Standard denim light blue wash

270 USD

Standard denim grey wash

250 USD

Soveria bra black


Straight denim stay black

240 USD

Standard denim stay black

Coming soon 240 USD

Espera tee camel

Sizes: XS 120 USD